Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Lauren...Homecoming 2005...Liberty High School

Skyler....who knows when...some alternate universe...he held out on us....we didn't know he was royalty also. Thank you Facebook

This is why I love my son in law.

I realize that this is probably only hysterical to me, I saw it on Facebook and nearly bust a gut laughing. Posterity post. Their kids are going to love this someday.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Four people...eight days...two continents....

Sounds very fun huh?

It's fall break around these parts, and per tradition...we leave Brentwood for a week.

This year we took two separate vacations, something new for us!

Scotty and Byron went to England and Scotland.

Scotty's grandparents take all their grandchildren on a 12 year old trip to anywhere they want to go. England has two of Scotty's most favorite things....Soccer and the Beatles. It was a "dream come true", (nice to have all your dreams come true at 12!)

Jeff and I went to Idaho; (which is like a foreign country isn't it?)

Just in time for the potato harvest and before the first snow. Have I mentioned that my daughter Lauren and her husband Skyler are having a baby in 9 weeks?

I went to help set up baby's room and to craft...and to help my daughter nest. A grandbaby!! All my dreams coming true at 50!!

Let's compare trips................

Byron and Scotty flew in a luxurious airplane for 22 total hours with instant drinks and snacks and movies.

Jeff and I traveled 28 hours across the Nevada desert at a leisurely pace of 55 mph. Thanks to the 164 miles of road construction and ample highway patrolmen to keep us honest. The slower than average speed allowed us to see the sagebrush and sand so much clearer than usual. Lucky us.

Road construction in Cali also.....

Scotty and Byron went to Harrod's department store. It is a full city block and five stories of wonderfulness.

Jeff and I went to the newly remodeled Rexburg Wal-Mart. And Porter's, three times.

Scotty got real English soccer jerseys and Beatle's apparel.
Jeff got a BYU-I sweatshirt.

Scotty visited Beatrix Potter's and Anne Hathaway's homes.
Jeff visited Deseret Books and a couple of quilt shops and Sno-Oasis.

Scotty and Byron visited castles and quaint little villages rich in history. They ate true fish and chips and pasties and meat pies and yummy chocolates.

Jeff and I went through Winnemucca, Elko, Wells and Pocatello where we visited the oh-so-delectable McDonald's. To be fair we did go to the Cocoa Bean in Rexburg for a cupcake, but Mill Hollow never had the right flavor of Fro-Yo so we missed out on that.

Byron and Scotty hob-nobbed with royalty and the British.

Jeff and I had dinner with the kids from home and lunch and dessert with Lisa Marie and family!! (we won on that one....)

Lisa Marie's little Meg after ice cream...too cute!!

Byron and Scotty visited and toured Soccer stadiums where Scotty's dreams of a career as the next Pele' or Beckham were fueled.

Jeff and I watched our beloved Giants go down in flames and dreams of a post-season doused.

Scotty got his picture taken a bazillion times.
Jeff's mom lost her camera and consequently did not take even one picture.

Scotty slept in fancy hotels on snuggly beds.
Jeff slept in a sleeping bag on Lauren's floor.

Byron and Scotty learned so much about English history!
Jeff and I learned about the potato harvest!

Scotty and Byron learned to understand the Queen's English and various cockney accents.
Jeff and I wondered when Idaho moved to the southern part of the US as we marveled at all the y'alls and southern talkin' in Idaho.

Scotty and Byron didn't see all they wanted to see which gives them something to look forward to someday on a return visit.

My return visit to Idaho will be complete with a new little yummy baby grandson.

I win.