Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A little Thanks! giving...

For me to you, Thanks so much for enriching my life this past year!
Thanks for your kindness
Thanks for your wisdom
Thanks for the yummy recipes
Thanks for the advice
Thanks for the encouragement
Thanks for the giggles
Thanks for the fashion advice
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the inspiration
Thanks for the sympathy
Thanks for the opinions
Thanks for the congratulations
Thanks for your sharing
Thanks for the loud laughter
Thanks for the patience
Thanks for the different views of the world
Thanks for the differences
Thanks for your testimonies
Thank you , thank you, thank you!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Spanish 1- Extra Credit?

Dear Senor Ortega: (how do you put that thing above the 'N'?)

I just wanted to thank you (Gracias) for being such a maestro bueno. Mi hijo, Jefe' loves your clase'. You bring out the best in him and he actually loves (amore?) su clase'. He has marveled us with his command of the Spanish language after only a few months. It is truly important to know how to tell me where to go (which direction to turn...) in Spanish. He can name all the months and days en Espanol. He knows his body parts and the clothing that covers them todo en espanol. Another very importante' thing he can now do is order for us at Mexican restaurants, (dos carne asada tacos, no queso por favor y un Diet Pepsi por mi Mama).

Gracias for not teaching him the naughty Espanol words, that would be no bueno. It has been fun for us to have mi hijo Jefe quiz us on our Espanol everywhere we go. "What's a store, Mom?"
Mercado? "What's the post office Mom? Officina Postal? (just a guess). "What's the word for Library Mom?" I know this one!! Biblioteca!!! "Can you sing this verse in Spanish?" Why no,
Jeff , I can't, can you? Thought so. (Just a side note here, I CAN say the Pledge of Allegiance en espanol!)

Tonight, (noche'?) mi hijo y su estudiante, Jefe' labeled our home with Spanish words. It's good to know that not only HE is learning from you, we all are.

Even el gato, Scout, got into the Espanol practice! EL familia todo is having a bueno time with Jefe's espanol practica, so we'll continue. Just one thing, you DO know that you are helping to train a future Mormon missionary don't you? I know you do, and I know you love that and you will love those letters that will eventually come, written en espanol perfectica!!

Con muchas gracias,
Su Amiga,

PS. (Don't grade me on my efforts in Spanish. Obviously Mrs. Prickett's sixth grade Spanish didn't stay with me for the long haul. )

Friday, November 21, 2008

Whose Happy Birthday is it now?

Today is the birth date of two of my favorite guys, my new son-in-law Skyler and my husband Byron. Nice of them to share a day so that I don't forget the newbie!!

We're so glad that this cute little guy...

Grew up to be this handsome guy and found himself a cute girl....

Who just happens to be related to us, so now we can love him too!!! When we count our blessings Skyler, we count you 7, 8, 9 times at least. Happy Birthday, we truly love you!

Now, as for the other birthday boy, it's my best friends birthday. (no, not Vicki's or Pam's) my best Boyfriend!!! I don't dare tell you how old he is but here's 51 fascinating things about him!!!

1. Byron was born in Charlottesville, VA.
2. When he was a year old he was held and rocked to sleep by Joseph Fielding Smith
3. He is the third Byron in a row and is a Jr.
4. He attended BYU on a full ride scholarship
5. Byron served a mission to the Germany Munich Mission
6. He spent most of his time in Austria.
7. Byron got a 760 out of 800 on his DAT (Dental Aptitude Test)
8. He went to USC and earned his D.D.S. in 1986

9. Byron only received 3 B's in college, in Bowling, Pearl of Great Price and Inorganic Chemistry
10. Byron is smart, really smart.
11. Byron doesn't talk much,
12. But when he does, it's usually pretty funny
13. He has a very dry, quick wit that can be very naughty at times
14. Byron is not handy with tools
15. But he can sure rearrange your furniture beautifully
16. He doesn't have any allergies

17. Byron doesn't like small boats, but loves to go on cruises
18. Byron ran track in school
19. He also played club volleyball
20. His favorite food is hot dogs and he wants to make a pilgrimage to famous hot dog joints around the country
21. He doesn't reallylike sweets

22. Except for Hot Tamales and Mike and Ikes'
23. He LOVES soda pop
24. Byron loves music and has thousands, yes thousands, of CD's, albums, tapes etc...
25. He organizes them by genre and then alphabetizes them
26. He likes to clean
27. Byron LOVES to shop
28. Byron is a movie buff, especially scary movies. He owns hundreds of movies.

29. He has a mindful of useless, trivial stuff that comes in handy during games
30. Byron has Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma, a non-Hodgkin's cancer in his bone marrow
31. He also has Rheumatoid Arthritis
32. He has retired from Dentistry
33. He now teaches science at Liberty High School.
34. His kids like him more than they like their mom, we all know it.

35. Byron loves that his boys all love music like he does.
36. Byron was YM President for five years, in YM for seven
37. Those boys still love him dearly
38. He loves animals and was going to be a Veterinarian
39. Byron is naughty and plays with his I-phone in Church

40. He helped Mitch get his Eagle Scout because Mom wouldn't. (see #34)
41. Byron doesn't golf. At all. Very undentist like.
42. Byron won't ask for directions.
43. Byron doesn't cook much.
44. Byron makes AWESOME salsa
45. He tries to get out of having a Christmas tree every year. Lauren has a fit.
46. Byron will be starting another round of chemo soon.
47. He has a pretty good attitude about the changes in his life.
48. Byron loves his parents very much.
49. Byron loves his children more than anything.
50. Byron has lived a life where he has given much service to others
51. Byron makes us happy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just a little review...

Here is Scotty and one of his best friends, Luke. He looks so happy doesn't he?
He's a faker.
He was really sad inside, the Dominators lost the Championship game 1-0. Which actually was pretty wonderful considering we were afraid we were going to get whomped. The other team had scored 63 goals this season and only gave up 9. (Scotty was one of the 9!! brag brag).
BUT...the All-STAR game is Saturday and that should be fun for him.

(Look at that goober face behind them...that's Lisa, the coaches wife.
(Love her, she's a hoot and I think she will find out I called her a goober...)

Saturday Boy Scouts all over the USA participated in Scouting for Food. I very proudly dropped my two scouts off at the Church to do their part. They, on the other hand were ticked that they had to get up so early AND they had to wear their Scout shirts. (Why is this such a BIG deal?)

I went home and started puttering around the house, doing laundry etc.....The door bell rang and at my door stood one of these:

A darling little seven year old. Here's the conversation:

Me: Hi!

Him: (in a very loud voice...) "Hi! I'm looking for food!"

Mom from the street (with a stroller and a wagon): "Ben!! You're scouting for food!!!"

Ben: "Oh yeah". He regroups, stands up tall... "Hi! I'm scouding for food. I only need a can".

Me: "Just one can?"

Ben: " Yep. Do you have a can of food I can have? It's for poor people not for me."

(so glad that was made clear...)

I had two bags of food that I was going to take to the church when I picked up the boys. So I went and got one to give to this very cute little tiger scout.

Ben: (whose eyes got HUGE) "All this? I only needed one!" (Turns to his mom and yells at the top of his lungs...) "HEY MOM!!!! She gave me more than one can!!! "

" You're awesome Ma'am."

Just so you know, I'm awesome, at least Ben thinks so.

Scotty, Alex and Nathan. Scotty does have a rank, his mother is a loser and hasn't sewn it on yet. He got his 2nd class in May, I am a little behind.

Some of the goods. Made me tear up, more came, then more and then more. They filled a big moving truck. So cool.

I tried to get Jeff (the unloved) into the picture, he refused. So I took two of Scotty just to tick Jeff off.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

These are fighting words....

A friend sent this to me and I thought it was hysterical. Sad thing is that I could have written it.
(and I did if it's in italics)

Nine phrases women use: (that the men in their lives would do well to understand...)

1). "Fine": This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (I used this very word tonight........................)

2). "Five Minutes": If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

3). "Nothing": This is calm before the storm. This means something , and you should be on your toes. (Arguments that start with 'nothing' usually end in 'fine').

4). "Go ahead": This is a dare, not permission. Don't do it!
(or do it and see what happens, a #6 perhaps...)

5). "Loud Sigh....": This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.)

6). "That's okay": This is one of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man.
'That's okay' mean she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

7). "Thanks": A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you're welcome.
(I want to add a clause here - unless she say's 'Thanks a lot - that is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say you're welcome, that will bring on a "whatever"...)

8). "Whatever...": Is a woman's way of saying 'F--- YOU!' (I've used this a time or two...)

9). "Don't worry about it, I got it": Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has asked a man to do several times , but is now just going to do it herself. This will later result in a man asking "what's wrong?" For the woman's response refer to #3.

I offer this as a public service to your husbands to keep peace in your homes. No need to thank me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jeni's got talent...some, a little, or maybe not

Maybe I am mistaking what I think is a talent is just really a SKILL.
I hate the show 'America's Got Talent', it drives me nuts. Is being able to balance a platter of fruits and vegetables on your head while juggling and blowing Dixie on a harmonica Really a TALENT?

I read your blogs, I feel unworthy, what a remarkable bunch of women! I was going to talk about your various talents here, but as I started listing them, I was afraid I would forget someone. Let me just tell you, there are many of you out there who inspire me and amaze me with the things you can do!

Well, guess what? I have a talent too! Maybe it's just a skill but because I need to pat myself on the back more, today I will give myself TALENT status. I can sew. I love to sew. Sewing and creating beautiful things makes me happy

This is my 20 year old sewing machine. It doesn't do anything fancy, it goes forwards and backwards (when it's in the mood), it does a zig-zap stitch and button holes and that's it. But together this old machine and I have created masterpieces. I have sewed my children's clothing, Halloween costumes, Temple Pageant costumes, wedding and prom dresses, quilts, tons of quilts. We have been estranged of late, my little machine and I. Working full time and everything else in life has meant my little friend has sat lonely in the closet wondering why I was neglecting it so?

Yesterday I pulled my sewing machine out of the closet, dusted it off and proceeded to create. This is what made:

I saw stockings like this on TV and decided to create them for Lauren and Skyler. I don't know if they'll do well as stockings because they are kind of narrow. But they are well sewn, they could survive a nuclear holocaust. I think they turned out really cute! I am now going to figure out a tree skirt to kind of match. I am going to love sewing for the new generation of my family, but NO pressure Lo.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quick update on Life, or I'm still here

1. Still not tucking, I think I have successfully broken this habit. Not that anyone cares, but this is my journal and that was for posterity. Sometimes I think I miss my nervous habit.

2. I have fallen off the no Diet Pepsi wagon. But not completely off, only 1/2 off, (which means I am being dragged). I am only drinking a 16 oz every other day. I do miss my friend. Alot.

3. Scotty's team won their Wed. playoff game, 6-2, with Scotty scoring two goals, the first and the last.

4. They won the semi-final game today, 4-3 in a shoot-out. Scotty scored a goal in the first half and then the other team scored so it was tied. We went to a 10 minute sudden death, at the end of the 10 minutes, still tied. The Dominators went to a shoot out. We were down, 3-2 and little Scotty G. was the 3rd kicker for his team, GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL! He tied us up and then our goalie blocked two and Mason kicked the winning goal. WHEW! Finals on Friday at 7:00 at the stadium under the lights. (We're going to get our butts kicked, the other team is GOOD.) Rachel, that was for you!

5. Scotty is the starting center forward for the All-Star Team.

6. I had a Gynecological procedure done yesterday. I had a spinal block, first one ever. I have a headache and I am miserable today, therefore a total lack of a sense of humor. I remember now how miserable contractions are.

7. The CPAP Sleep apnea machine and I aren't getting along. It feeds my huge claustrophobic personality. So...what to do? I've gotten along all this time, but now the Dr's. have me totally freaked. Another posterity item for my family...."mommy, Grandma must really like Star Wars, she goes to bed every night looking like a storm trooper."

8. I am teaching Gospel Doctrine tomorrow, just in case I'm not miserable enough.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Two boys, To Activities, Too Busy

Boy #1
Well, Homecoming is finally over. Almost. They have to pull the plywood from the track but it's too wet, so we're not quite done. Dang it.

Things didn't quite turn out the way we wanted. I am now wishing that I had volunteered to be the class advisor, because the one they had was a complete control freak shrew. (oh, I hope she doesn't read my blog....) She yelled constantly and was not nice to the kids. I think it's pretty likely they liked me better. She is so bad, my own kid even likes me better.

The float got finished and I can safely say that the class of 2012 had the WORST Lion head in the storied 105 year history of Liberty High School. That's quite an accomplishment! Woot-woot.

To start the story I have to show this. Some family brought their couch out to the parade route to obviously watch in comfort. This is not the Rose Parade, it only lasts maybe 30 minutes, maybe. Jeff was horrified that I took a picture, I thought it was excellent documentation of small town America.

Ralph was our helper for the float. He was a friend of the advisor. He drove from the high school to the parade route. He should have gone 5 miles an hour, he went 25 mph, turned a corner, hit a huge tree branch and our goal posts? Broke in three parts. So did the hearts of the little Freshman class officers.

It's hard to tell here just how BAD the Lion head was, but trust me on this. Look at our sad goal posts and our sad Wolverine. The striping on the football field looks great though huh?

The saddest part of my day, when I saw this picture and realized that my 14 year old is quite a bit taller than me. Oh, and realizing that sweatshirts don't do a thing for me.

It was cool seeing those kids hanging from the truck, cheering and being proud of being high schoolers. Their attitude (despite their sad broken float) was positive and positively inspiring.
2-0-1-2, class of "12" 2-0-1-2, I am sure proud of YOU!!

Boy #2:

Celia and Rachel, you knew it had to come, the soccer post. I tried and tried to hold back, but like the psycho soccer mom that I it is.

This is Scotty. This is a picture of Scotty in a soccer shirt. You would be hard pressed to find a picture of Scotty in anything but a soccer shirt. He has about 30 of them, from all over the world. It's his signature style. Scotty LOVES soccer, it is his world, his lifebreath, the reason for his existence. I like it too, I especially like that Scotty is good at soccer, really good (and this was said very humbly.) This love gets me out of housecleaning on Saturday's and gives me a reason to scream at something at the top of my lungs. That wasn't a sonic boom friends, it was me.

His favorite decoration in his room, his own soccer banner.

This year Scotty played for the Dominators. Their record is 8-2. Our team has scored 51 goals for the season, Scotty has scored 20 of them. He loves to kick, he loves to fall down, he loves to play. It is fun to hear other parents scream at their kids to get the ball to him. He is well known in the league and has been an all-star every year he has played. We are very proud of how hard he works and his dedication to getting better. He never complains about practice and loves it when he falls down and gets muddy and bruised. Scotty doesn't get mad on the field and sets a good example for his team.

The regular season is over, the twice a week practices are over, the two games/scrimmages a week are over and tomorrow night the playoffs start. The last two years he has been on the Championship team, this year the competition is harder. Whatever the outcome we are proud of how kind you are to others on your team and for the leader you are becoming.
Go Scoooters Go!

P.S. Please tell your coach that it is really hard for your mother's heart when you play Goalie.
Tell him that she is old and you want to keep her around a few more years and perhaps Fizz could play goalie again instead of you? Thank you.