Thursday, October 27, 2011

Get jenibelle blogging again!!

Hello everyone!!! This is Lauren, Jeni's daughter. My mom has been absent on the blogging scene lately and is needing an extra push to get her blogging again. So everyone needs to comment and encourage her to come back!!!! In the last few months she has become a grandma AGAIN (thanks to me) had her baby start HIGH SCHOOL, had her son-in-law (my handsome hubby) graduate from college, had my dad in and out and in and out, ect ect...of the hospital, Jeffrey start his senior year AND be elected to homecoming court, and her and my dad were voted as Grand Marshals of the homecoming name a few things! I know everyone is SO interested to know about all of this and more so give her a kick in the butt!!!! I miss her blogging and I know you all miss her witty-ness as well!!!! COME BACK TO BLOGGING MOM!

and for your viewing pleasure: My baby girl Ellie Claire, Jenibelle's new grandbaby!