Sunday, May 22, 2011

Say it with me...Awwww

Hey!! Remember me? The one who used to blog?

I'm back.

Here's the deal. In March Byron became quite ill with a serious infection, a life-threatening one. It was terrifying. He spent 12 days in the hospital and then another 10 at home recuperating. I joked with the Dr. that we had 'dodged a bullet'. He very seriously looked at me and said that "no, it was a grenade". During this time in the hospital we found out that Byron was also suffering from Congestive Heart Failure with left valve regurgitation and a seriously enlarged heart. It is non-operable. This revelation took the wind out of my sails and truthfully, I have struggled ever since. This year my allergies were awful and my asthma out of control. I am sure it is stress related, but what's a girl to do?

I am trying to come out of my stress-related life coma. Byron's health consumes my every thought, which totally irritates him. He is trying very hard to live as normal as a life as possible, including going every day to work. Watching him struggle with very small things is heartbreaking. And for one who lives their life on Hyper-Drive, (me), it is also hard to be patient when he is not at his top speed! I'm trying.

So, life does go on. Carter is getting big and so, so, so cute with the most darling personality. He is the light of our lives. A new baby is coming in early September. SHE doesn't have a name yet, but we are so excited for a little girl. Yes, shopping is fun for her!! Haven't bought much yet, because of my coma, but slowly, I hope to emerge.

A lot of fun things have happened in the past six months. Jeff was elected ASB VP for the next school year, his dream come true. He also got his license, which he is LOVING. He had a fun season playing Volleyball and he was selected to represent our high school at California Boys State. (This is a 70 year old nationwide program sponsored by the American Legion. The boys go to Sacramento for a week, all expenses paid, and learn about Government and Leadership.) It's a big deal and we are thrilled that Jeff was selected. He also went to the Junior Prom with a darling young lady, Abbey. The girls in his Seminary class organized a group and they had a blast. The kids first went to ours (Liberty's, because Jeff is the class Pres) and then went to the other high school's (Heritage). They ended up at one of the girls' house and roasted Starbursts. And in the braggity, braggity, brag section...or the are you kidding me? section, Jeff got a 30 on the ACT. Who knew he was a little whiz kid? He tries hard to hide it.

Awww. Little Jeffy is Big Boy Jeffy. So handsome.

Scotty is also GROWING up. He is now taller than me with huge feet and very hairy legs. How does this happen? Scotty will be 'graduating' from 8th grade in a few days and it's on to high school. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! He had an awesome soccer season this spring. He played goalie half the time, which added gray to my already silver head. He loved the challenge, I hated the stress. He has an A in Geometry and will be starting high school in Algebra II, hope he doesn't expect help from me! He's looking forward to all the adventures that high school brings, and seminary. He's really looking forward to that, ha! (Actually, he is my only child that gets himself up and ready with no fuss. I deserve him.) Oh, and I think he might be noticing girls. maybe.

Awww. Did I mention that his comb is his most valued possession? The whole house is in a turmoil if he can't find it. No kidding.

And for your viewing pleasure....the cutest boy of all!!