Friday, August 29, 2008

Olympic Parting thoughts....

It's no secret that I have an opinion on just about everything and unfortunately, I forget not everyone wants to hear my opinions. But, I've been thinking about the Olympics and while I am thankful they are over because I am now getting more beauty sleep (ha), there's just a couple little areas that I need to wrap up.

This is Hiroshi Hoketsu. At 67, he was the oldest Olympian this year. He first competed in the 1964 Olympics; and he has never won a medal. In an interview with BBC he said that he was honored to once again represent his country in a small way and hoped that his decorum during the competition would honor his country and his family. If we are looking into human cloning, might I suggest Hiroshi? Wouldn't if wonderful if everyone had those thoughts? He's a rock star in his country, as he should be.

Which brings me to these buffoons....

The Spanish basketball team (who we beat for the gold medal).
What were they thinking mocking the host COUNTRY, all 3 billion of them? Hello? Can you say bad manners? Have they not heard of the INTERNET which can INSTANTLY beam pictures all over the world, including China? Personally, I think the I---- word is appropriate here.

This is the American Basketball team, aka "The Redeem Team".

They won the Gold Medal. Well, I SHOULD HOPE SO!!!

They have a combined worth of about $30 Billion dollars which is the equivalent to the GNP of the entire southern hemisphere of our world. When you take 12 of the highest paid, most successful athletes in a sport, I would expect a handy win. It was close, methinks cockiness almost got in the way. I guess the days of amateur athletes in the Olympics is really gone.

Which brings me to this Olympian...

Kirsty Coventry. She won the first Olympic gold for Zimbabwe, the country she was born in, not raised in, not trained in, not schooled in, not anything in, except birth. They just emptied the National Treasury and gave her a suitcase full of cash, $100,000 worth for winning 1 gold and 3 silver medals. Good for you Kirsty! Now give the money back. You will do fine here in the US coaching and doing personal appearances. Do you realize how MUCH $100,000 can do for the poorest in your country? Just a thought.
(and from a republican at that....)

Kirsty got $100,000, Rebecca Adlington got a pair of Jimmy Choo's

Money brings to me to this....

Mrs. Phelps, I hate to tell you, but you totally got ripped off by Michael's orthodontist.
My son has braces on right now, I took Michael's picture (and this is a good angle because I like him so much) and told Dr. Esterkyn that this is NOT what I'm paying for. Maybe he can invest in Invisiline braces now that he is king of the Universe.

And speaking of ruling.....

Who ARE these three women?

The Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists for Olympic Foil Fencing.
Foil Fencing? Like Reynold's wrap? Haven't got a clue how they score, what they are doing or how they win...but how cool was it to see those three flags side by side as they played the National Anthem?

Which brings me to these people.

They are our relay runners. They didn't get ANY kind of flag, in fact, they didn't get to run in the finals. The FIRST time since 1948! Both male and female, hmmmmm....does anyone else smell something foul?

Speaking of foul....

President Bush, I love ya man...but stop checking out Misty's rear end. Although it does give me a little snicker that the old guy has obviously still got it!

Speaking of getting it....

Don't give these guys Gatorade when they finish the race,
give 'em some cheeseburgers!! Good Grief...have you ever seen a skinnier bunch? (
is my jealousy showing?)

The Lightening BOLT.....
he's gotten in trouble for 'Show-Boating' after winning the 100M in a World Record time. If I had won, I'd bring Show Boating to a whole new level...I'd be cartwheeling down the track. (Isn't that a great visual? ha!)

French swimmer Dude...when you meet the President of France, maybe you could put on some nice pants to go with the jacket. Just a thought Dude.

Nothing to say... but isn't this just weird or wrong or disturbing?

Add a caption...a prize for the best one.

And now...the party is over.

$$$$$$400 BILLION dollars $$$$$$$$ to put on the Olympics (with cheap Chinese labor). Boggles the mind.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Food Geography

After picking up Scotty from Wrestling....

"Mom! Feed me!! I'm starving!!!"

"What do you want?"

"FOOD! What's for dinner?

"I dunno...what sounds good? I was thinking tacos."

"No, I'm not in the mood for Mexican food."

"Okay, how about Ravioli's or Spaghetti?"

"No, Italian doesn't sound good either...."

"Well, what DOES sound good?"

"I just want good 'ole American food."

"Oh, like meatloaf and mashed potatoes?"

"No, like Panda Express."


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday Lolo!!!

Finally...Skyler's not married to a teen-ager anymore.

Today is my Lolo's birthday. I'll waive the tears and the sadness over it because Baby, I am GLAD to see her teenage years OVVAHH!! I'll be in Washington D.C. for the next few days receiving my Purple Heart for bravery in battle. (kidding, Lo. kind of.)

Actually, Lauren is wonderful and has been a joy throughout her life. We will miss having her all to ourselves, but if we have to share? We're all happy it's with Skyler. Our family loves this spunky and sassy bundle of energy. She brings life and happiness into our home.

In celebration of your day Lauren, twenty little things about you!!!

1. Lauren was my only child to try and come on her own, (didn't quite make it), after some pitocin and ONE push, out she came. She has never been one to like waiting.

2. Lauren didn't talk till she was three, and she hasn't stopped since.

3. Lauren stutters, that's how she got Lolo and La La Lauren for nicknames. (She's okay with it and it just makes her cuter!!!)

4. Lauren decided she wanted to be a teacher in kindergarten and has never wavered. Her major is Elementary Special Education. (we couldn't be prouder)

5. Lauren won every election she ever ran in, every year from seventh grade to Senior year!

6. Lauren does not like horses at all. She has had many horse jokes played on her, she does not find them amusing.

7. Lauren LOVED Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, she has every movie, cd, magazine, etc.....
She even wrote a hate note to Star magazine when they printed a nasty article. (I didn't buy it, she saw it herself....disclaimer!)

8. Lauren loves reality tv and cop shows. And...sigh....embarrassingly....Jerry Springer. (She must have gotten that gene from the other side of the family...)

9. Lauren LOVES little children.

10. Lauren represented our county at the International Best Buddies Conference in Indiana.
(Best Buddies was founded by Eunice Shriver and pairs "regular" high schoolers with those with disabilities. A very cool organization.)

11. Lauren ditched at least one class a day her entire Senior year. Maybe more. She still got a 4.0. (Maybe a slight exaggeration, but not much of one!!!)

12. Lauren loves to dance and sing in the car, loudly and she dances in her seat.

13. Lauren can be as loud as her mother.

14. Lauren is a good cook and a good cleaner. Both skills she acquired when she went to college.

15. Lauren has had the same friends since pre-school, throughout high school and still today!
She is loyal and fun and people are drawn to her.

16. Lauren did NOT want to go to Idaho, we forced her. She's thankful we did.

17. Lauren doesn't like soda pop.

18. Lauren IS addicted to Strawberry ChapStick.

19. Lauren's favorite food is Watermelon, hands down.

20. Lauren loves a guy named Skyler. (And we're all for it!!!)

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gee thanks

"Mom, when I'm in high school I want to be well-rounded."
"You do!? That's great Scotty, what a great goal."
"You know Scotty, I'm pretty well rounded."
"I didn't mean your kind of round Mom."

Gee. thanks.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who posted the picture?

Need some help ladies. Sometime back, someone posted a picture of a party of someone's home that showed a wall of clocks. Who did it??? It was absolutely fabulous and I want to take another look at it, possibly to shamelessly copy. Gracias!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Musings

As you know, I just had a birthday. I lied about my age. I'm really 40.
And this beautiful little gymnast is 16. We got our birth certificates from the same place.

At 40 I am younger than this athlete, Dara Torres. It may surprise you, but I don't think I am in as good of shape as she is. But there is hope, I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging her to my favorite Olympic event, Carbo Loading a la Michael Phelps.
I have this one in the bag. Cue the National Anthem.

One of the true tragedies of this Olympic games. Horses from four countries that have tested positive for doping. The "illegal" substance that they were found with? Capsacin, which is the element measured in Chili Peppers to judge how hot they are.
Is Mexico or most of Latin America at this Olympics?

BMX biking is the perfect Olympic sport for those of us crunched for time. NBC's broadcast of the finals took about five minutes, and six medals were awarded in that time. There were also crashes, a dramatic race and a tiny country winning gold, all in five minutes time. What more could you ask for?

Here sHE is again!! sHE won the gold.
Look, I don't know much about gymnastics, but I do know that landing a vault on two feet is better than landing one on two knees. Olympic gymnastics judges evidently disagree with me, they awarded China's Cheng Fei a bronze medal even after she fell on her knees during a vault landing. Alicia Sacramone finished fourth despite, you know, not falling.

Mike and Misty, Twins separated at birth.

My favorite picture from the Olympics. The runner in front is phenomenal.
The runner in the back...brave.
Thanks Bahrain officials, for not making her run in a Burka.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Verklempt and Movin' On...

I am amazed at the outpouring of love and support. Now, I'm movin' on!!

Turning 49 was FUN!
I woke up to 49 signs all over the house, in the fridge, in the car, in the washer....thank you Jeff!

I loved them!! The one that cracked me up was ..."One to go til the big 5-0!" Thanks son.

Rachel was in a really good mood and was silly waiting for her breakfast. Thank you Beana-Girl for being so sweet on my birthday!!!

I made my FAVORITE, Birthday Berry Pie! Yummy.
**I can do without cake and I wanted homemade pie**

Scotty's present was a coupon book good for one year; but his best present?
He wore matching socks! Usually they are white shorty socks from the bowling alley that say "Harvest Park Bowl". How he picks those EVERY Sunday to be his church socks...I dunno.

At work, Debbi my co-worker gave me a huge basket of treats and fun stuff.
The best part was the six-pack of super sized Diet Pepsi!!! And full size Snickers, and Lions that roar.

The Leadership class surprised me with a very loud song, balloons, a banner and confetti! Love them!! (See the newest member Jeff?)

Got cards and signs from all my Student Aides and a birthday crown from my sweet friend Coco. Every year she tries to out do the crown from the year before. This year I got rose colored glasses, they came in handy later in the day!

A surprise gift from a very sweet blogging and real life friend. Isn't this SO cute? My T.A.'s are dying over it. LOVE IT!! Thank you friend!!!

Went to Chili's with my pals, Vicki, Pam and Margo. We missed you Rachel and Marty!!

I also got a wonderful tribute from the Newlyweds.
Check it out and see their new little home.

Byron came through with two new computer programs for my creative side and they will be used a ton.

And then blogging friends. Thank you for your good wishes and loving support. You are the best and I am so thankful for all of you. I am humbled and verklempt.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dear Anonymous,

(Friends and Bloggers that I love, please excuse this post. You don't have to read it, if you're not anonymous, it's not for you.)

Dear Anonymous:

I deleted your comment on my birthday blog. I would like to thank you for using a very public forum to slap me in the face. You have made comments before and I thought it was just a spam blogger but now I realize now that it was very personal. Your attempt to make me look bad and make others question me was beyond pathetic. I am not perfect, I have never claimed to be. My daughters' wedding was not about you or anyone else but these two wonderful kids, Lauren and Skyler. I admit it was difficult and I was stressed beyond belief, but I will not apologize. My daughter is proud of me and loves me and is happy with the way things went and how I behaved, she is the only one who matters in this case.

You will not run me out of the friendships I have made. You can leave snarky, mean, inappropriate comments all you want, I will just delete them. I will not go private because that will mean that you win, and I will not give you the satisfaction. I will not have an ongoing war with you either. This is the one and only time I will acknowledge you.


Again, blog friends, I apologize.
BC--? Yep

Sunday, August 17, 2008

50 - 1 ... Do the Math

Today I am 49, one year short of 50 and I am way okay with it. Happy, Happy birthday to me!!
To some getting older is depressing, but I think I am aging well (thank's to my natural Botox... fat)

I do have crows feet, but I consider those wisdom lines. I also have big ole' laugh lines, but I celebrate those because it means I have found joy in life and have smiled and laughed a lot. My double chin shows that we have always had plenty, for which I am grateful. In the next 50 years I will have grandchildren and great grandchildren, that's a huge bonus for aging!

No, getting closer to 50 is really wonderful, I am excited for the adventure.

I thought I would do a post on 49 wonderful things about me, or 49 things you don't know about me, or 49 of my be honest, I couldn't think of 49 of any of those~I can't do one with pictures from each year because this is the one and only picture of me as a child. SO... I am celebrating finishing out the first 1/2 century of my life with a nostalgic look at what happened in the world my first 49 years.

People I share a birthday with...
Robert DeNiro
Mae West
Sean Penn
Davy Crockett
Julie Schindler---my sister friend

Denae (D-Dawg) Harlow

In the past 49 years....

Prices have gone up a bit
America landed a man on the moon
Racial Desegregation in the schools

Color TV
The median family income in 1959 was $5,400, now it is $64,000.
A gallon of gas in 1977 (when I got my first car) was $.88
The Cold War
The Berlin Wall falls, November 9, 1989
Summer of Love, the Beatles, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, The Who, The Clash, Jay-Z
Birth control pills
The first heart transplant
Betamax and VHS and now, DVD's
Apple computers, PC's
The Internet (thank you Al Gore)

West Point admits women, 1976
Three Mile Island Nuclear disaster, Chernobyl
Monday Night Football, ESPN, HBO
First black fashion model on Vogue Magazine's cover, 1974
Walkman, now I-Pod
Cellular telephones
Satellite and Digital TV
Seven Prophets
Pac-Man ignites the video game craze, Nintendo, Wii, X-Box to follow
Prince Charles & Lady Diana Wed, so do Luke and Laura and Byron and Jeni
The Equal Rights Amendment
Roe vs Wade

Bell Bottoms, Dittos, mini, midi, maxi dresses, Spandex, platform shoes, daisy dukes
Flashdance, Grease, The Graduate, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, American Graffitti,
Cabbage Patch Dolls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, My little Pony

Drugs, once taboo, become fashionable
Valium, Prozac and Effexor (the happy little pills for women)

Cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, CD's and now, i-Tunes
The Human Genome project
The Soviet Union, once the largest country, splits apart into over 30 separate countries.
Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first woman Supreme Court Justice
Priesthood blessings extended to all worthy men
I love Lucy, M*A*S*H, Miami Vice, Dallas, Cheers, Fr
iends, Oprah
Dolly the sheep, the first successful cloning
The Impeachment of President Clinto
9/11, the attack on the Trade Towers, an attack on America
Red Sox FINALLY win a World Series
MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger explosion

On Line Shopping, World Wide Web
First black Presidential nominee

What a spectacular time to be alive and to see the changes in the world and in the culture of the world! I'm excited for my 50th year celebration...kind of like Disneyland's, it's going to last all year.
I hope Byron got the fireworks ordered.