Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh! Bring back my babies to me......

I am very proudly 48. My baby having days are long past and today, I am sad about it. Whenever I see a baby I think "I want one of those...." I loved having babies, I loved the way they smelled, the way they smiled, the way I could watch them develop personalities, I loved that they loved ME. My kids were joyful, creatively naughty (oh the stories I could tell!) curious and in my eyes, five of the cutest babies ever born. Here is why I miss my babies.....

This is Rachel,(24)
(actually the first picture is Rachel and her Daddy, who is obviously having a vision of some sort. ) This was the day Byron graduated from USC Dental School. It was also the last day of peace and quiet in our home as Mitchell was born the next day. Rachel is our celestial daughter. She had a head injury at 6 months that left her severely disabled, physically and mentally. Rachel didn't walk till she was almost 6! But she is such a joy, always has been! I love her little ski slope nose. I miss baby Rachel.

This is little Mitchell ( just about 22).
He came in to the world with all the personality you would expect a red head to have. When he was two he started wiping off kisses, that made me sad and has left me traumatized for years. He is funny, smart, talented and from the very start, mischievous. He has kept us hopping. I love the picture of him and the gerbil, their hair is the same color. It was hard to pick pictures of him, it seems like every thing he ever did was cute! But, man oh man...has this kid given me my gray hair!!

This is Lauren. (19 1/2)
She was born into the world just plain sweet. She was so joyful and loving and such a little GIRL. She refused to wear anything but pink most days, always wanted her fingernails painted, would line her "babies" up and read to them. (Wish I could get her to read now!) She has been such a joy to us and has brought a lot of excitement into our house. One funny thing though, when she was 4 she took dancing, after the recital they told me that "perhaps she was suited to another hobby..." I think that was the kind way of saying "hey, your kid has no rhythm". I think that's okay though, she can probably get by in life with just that smile!

This is Jeffrey (almost 14)
who has the most beautiful blue eyes ever!!! He was so cute with his big blue eyes and his little sticky-out ears and his smile. Every where we went he charmed people, and still does. He has always had such an out-going personality. One year for his birthday he wanted a party with only his "big friends", meaning grown-ups. So we did! He is a planner and activity organizer. You can give him a paper clip and 50 little kids and tell him to entertain them for an hour....he could do it! He is 13 and we're feeling it, but luckily he has moments of sweetness, so we'll let him live here for a while longer!!!

This is our caboose, Scotty. (11)
His name is really Byron Scott, sometimes he wants to be called Byron, but I love Scotty. He is my hippo loving boy! One year that's all he wanted for Christmas was a hippo for the pool. That wish has turned into quite a collection of stuffed animals, games, books and videos. He loves his momma, that's what makes him great! He told me (at 8 years old) that he had decided to be "well rounded" when he grows up. So with that goal in mind he plays the drums, plays soccer, gets A's in school, goes to name it, he does it. He is the glue that holds us all together, we love our Scooty Boy!

And here they are all together, not the best picture...but that's how real life goes, isn't it?
So to you, my precious children, my love and admiration and thankfulness that you are mine. Are you keeping me young or making me old? I'm not quite sure. But I do know that I thank my Heavenly Father every day for you and I pray for you mightily. Just remember, when everything else in the world seems to let you down, you have each other. You are part of a loud, loving, dysfunctional family. Own proud of it!
Forever yours, Mom

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dumped my purse!!!

Rachel Hazen tagged me to "dump my purse", yet another HUMILIATION for me to blurt out to the world. So here goes...this is what was in my purse.

Liberty Lions Lanyard with keys (Go Lions!)
Wallet with $23.00 in it
Blush Brush
Another pair of sunglasses
Dental Floss (my secret addiction)
2 thingies of mascara
2 packages of Gas-x!!! (tummy problems!)
Pepcid (more tummy problems!)
A one dollar bill, 2 quarters, a dime and a penny
A Christmas card from Pete and Joella Hansen
My CALSTRS 2007 Retirement statement (woohoo)
Lots of kleenex
A recipe for sugar cookies
A receipt from American Eagle
A picture of Logan Bigler (my 2 year old friend)
A piece of paper with phone numbers on it
a red cell phone
2 tampons
the sketch of Skyler's quilt that Lauren made
2 ball point pen caps (no pen however to fit it)
4 Safeway receipts
A shopping list...sausage, beef broth, sharp cheddar, white beans, chicken broth, chicken, salsa I think this was for the soup party......
A reminder card from Tangles for my next hair appointment (Feb 19th)
An earring (brown crystal)
The warranty for Lauren's snowboard
A used checkbook
1/2 stick of gum
a bag of peanuts (where did those come from?)
a 40% off coupon to Avenue
The lyrics to "I want a hippopatamus for Christmas...."
and ,
The kitchen sink

Whew, that was embarrassing, and my purse isn't all that big!!!!!
Okay, so now I tag Lauren (have you seen the size of HER purse?!!)
Erin Olson, and Kim Walus (I expect a lot of fabric related items!)
You're welcome Celia for not tagging you!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Almost Perfect

While I think Heavenly Father created our bodies just beautifully, (some more beautiful than others however....) I would like to suggest a couple of minor modifications. I know that this is pretty daring of me, considering He has the power and I don't, so I do so humbly.
My first suggestion is an "EDIT" button installed in women. This would prevent conversations such as the following:

Jeri: Just HOW tall are you Mr. S.?
Mr. S.: 6'9"!
Jeri: Holy Salt Lake City! That's tall! What size shoe do you wear?
Mr. S: (proudly) a size 16!!!
Jeri: WOW!! If what they say about shoe size is wonder you and Mrs. S have been happily married for 27 years!

Could have used an edit button there.

Sad thing is, rumor has it that "Jeri" quite often has "edit worthy" moments.

My next humble suggestion is that women be equipped with an automatic shut-off valve for over-indulgence. Wouldn't it just be so handy if when faced with chocolate or Oreos, or whatever your favorite indulgence is, that when enough was enough an automatice shut-off valve would kick in and prevent brewing trouble? I don't know why He didn't think of this. Just think of all the health problems that would be alleviated. I am being serious here, I am not thinking about cute small sized clothes, or bathing suit season or anything fluffy like that, only health concerns.
Now I realize that we were put on earth to overcome challenges and that we were given free agency so that we can freely make choices regarding behavior. I personally think that is overrated. For some it should be "almost always free agency in some situations" It should be meted out in small portions. I have talked to my husband about this seeing as someday he has the potential to make these kind of modifications. His take on it? "Don't talk to me about it, I'm not sure I want that responsibility for eternity. I mean, the 5 kids I have on earth drive me crazy...why would I want billions and billions more?!" He's got a point.
Just thought I would throw my suggestions out there for the masses. By the way, the shut off valve I found can serve two purposes (look closely) I think this would REALLY be popular, I may be on to something here!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The terrific women in my life!

This isn't so much a blog as a reflective musing to help me feel better today. If you don't want to go on, that's ok.

Today a terrific lady passed away, Bernice Geddes. She wasn't a relative, she was much, much older than me so not a "peer", but she set one of the best examples I have ever seen. She was spunky, quiet, reserved, ladylike, kind and she loved everyone, (or so it seemed). I will miss seeing her, I will miss her German Chocolate cakes, I will remember her everytime I make Snickerdoodles with her recipe, written in her own handwriting. I will be forever greatful for the prayers offered on behalf of my family especially Rachel, Byron and Mitch. She loved Mitch and he loved her. The world is just a little better for her and a little darker without her.

Today's events have made me think of the terrific women in my life and I would like to pay tribute to them.

My Mom Rydalch: I can barely think of her without tears flowing. She took me in, a very angry and messed up 14 year old and loved me and never gave up on me. She was my greatest cheerleader and president of my fan club. She taught me about service, "i get to take dinner to ....", not "I have to..., I GET to". What a wonderful lesson. She taught me to sew, how to love the earth, to believe in myself and much, much more. She is my hero.

My mother-in-law Wanda: Possibly the most generous person I have ever known. Shy, reserved, artistic. She has taught me service also. She opened my world to the wonders of sour cream, dogs, and traveling. I hope to someday follow her example in geneaology. She is proud of her family and gives constantly to each of us. She is thoughtful and loyal. What a marvelous example she has set for me.

My mother Judy: I don't give you credit often enough, but much of what I am comes from you. We don't seem to click, but I know in your own way you love me. You loved me enough to know I needed more than you could give. When I really think about, that is the greatest example of mother love there is.

My sisters, Robyn and Rose and Stacy: Roby has taught me what unconditional love is, I need that example. Rose has taught me tenderness and has made me laugh for 32 years, she is one terrific person. Stacy (or Hairy as we call her) has taught me loyalty and unfailing optimism. I don't think she has ever said anything unkind about anyone.

My friends Karen, Margo, Bridget, Rachel, Pam and Vicki: You know my warts and love me anyway. You laugh at me and with me. You are patient with my faults and celebrate my strengths. You encourage me, cry with me, pray for me and pick me up when I stumble. Where would I be without you? Each has had struggles, huge struggles and yet find time to care about me. I am blessed to have each of you; when I need you, you are there. I love you.

My young friends, Kellie, Erin, Brandi: I look at you and see the future. Each of you has blessed my life and my children's lives greatly. You have been the "big sisters" they missed out on, and in a way, daughters to me. You have played with them, teased them and loved them. And they love you and so do I.

My beautiful daughters, Rachel and Lauren: You are my reason for getting up each day and trying just a little harder. Rachel helps me think eternally, gives me perspective and hope. I look at your beautiful faces and I truly see eternity. You teach me everyday to love unconditionally, to work on my faults so that we can be a family forever. I wonder what you did Rachel before you came to earth? I am in awe of you. What lies ahead for my Lolo? Whatever it is, I will be there, I promise.

I am so thankful for the incredible, strong women I am surrounded with. I thank my Heavenly Father for each of you. I am a better person because of you.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Here she is..we hope...Miss America!

I don't know how many people are going to see this, but I thought you could pass it on to those you know.

This is Jill Stevens, she is the daughter of one of my lifelong friends, Karen Stephens. Jill is a member of the Army Reserves and served in Afghanistan for a year as a medic. Upon returning, she finished her RN degree (summa cum laude). As you can see, she is also Miss Utah and will be competing in the Miss America Scholarship program!

I am doing a blog about Jill because she needs our help!

TLC is doing a show called "Miss America Reality Check" which all 52 contestants appear. For the first time ever, the public will have a say in the finalists. This is where you come in! On TLC's website you can click on "Utah" and vote for Jill. The top vote getter (?) will become one of the finalists if they are not already in the top 15.

Why should you take the time? Let me tell you a little about Jill. It is obvious that she is beautiful outside, but she is a terrific person inside too. Jill joined the military as a way to help pay for college. Little did she know that she would be deployed to Afghanistan. (a little worrying for her mom!) While there she took care of injured soldiers, helped the locals and served her country. She also was the first woman to finish a marathon in Afghanistan, way cool! She received a medal for her service in the middle east, the highest a medic can earn. Jill has also made a committment to modesty. She is an endowed member of the Church and her pageant wardrobe will reflect that.

On last weeks episode on TLC, Jill was selected as one of the top 3 candidates. One of the things they commented on was her leadership abilities. She was shocked to be in the top three. The show is on Fridays at 7:00pm on TLC. One of the reasons I think this is so cool is that "our" girls need really visible role models and Jill is definitely a great role model, not only for LDS girls but every girl. She is down to earth, comes from an awesome family, has made goals and works hard to acheive them. If you could take the time to vote for her it would be great! I "Googled" her name and there is about 14,000 websites! (This boggles her mom's mind!) The cool thing is that I didn't see anything negative and there won't be any scandals! So if you feel like it...pass the word on. It would be terrific to have "one of our own" as Miss America. (Even if you think it is dumb and obsolete, it would be fun!)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What was I thinking?

What was I thinking? I admit it. I LOVE junk food; and unfortunately my endomorphic body types testifies of it.I have always heard that if you want to acheive a goal, you write it down. As every other American woman (or I daresay ANY woman, American or not) does, I made a goal to lose weight this year. For the 30th time. Isn't that the charm?I wrote my first steps on the white board on the fridge (fitting!).

My lovely daughter Lauren is always trying to "encourage" me in my yearly goal setting. Usually it comes out in a disgusted, fed-up way like: "stop whining and feeling sorry for yourself, just do something about it!" Sensitivity is not one of Lauren's great strengths. She has MANY strengths, however sensitivity towards her mother is NOT one of them, she lacks that gene. (Love you Lo.)

SO...Sunday night I wrote on the white board:


Oreos are my modern day manna. I could eat them every day, three times a day, five times if you count snacking. I love them dunked in milk, crumbled in ice cream, crushed in a shake, enrobed in chocolate.

I love them, I love them, I love them.


Well, I can tell you right now, this one is not going to last. Chocolate is one of my personal four food groups. (Potatoes, meat, chocolate and Diet Pepsi).I always say that if you were to cut me open I would bleed brown carbonation, the brown color comes from chocolate, which I can eat in tremendous amounts. (Not bragging, just fact) Chocolate flows through my veins, it is my lifeblood, it is essential. As the rain and sunshine is to life, so is chocolate to me. That was a dumb thing to write on the white board. Ain't gonna happen.


Nothing thrills me more than not having to clean up dishes. Hence my love of fast food. Plus, it is just SO danged convenient!!! And for the most part, delicious. I mean, I can not fry chicken like KFC. I can not make a juicy burger like In-N-Out, or fries that good either. I can not do a chicken quesadilla like Taco Bell.Therefore, fast food is necessary. I do feel bad that my children are also addicted, although I will lay some of that blame squarely at Byron's feet, he does enjoy a hot dog at Wienerschnitzel and actually drives 25 minutes to get one! I digress, this is my "diet" after all! I will always have a soft spot in my heart for drive-throughs...the National Institute of Health says that fast food is a largely very American. And I might say that I am a patriotic American if I am anything. So God Bless America and the flag... may it wave over the free and the brave and the hungry and lazy!!

This is really a "what was I thinking?" Chips are a part of the four essential food groups. (See above). Eating chips and dip is like having a party in your mouth. Flavors and textures all dancing together, plus there's salt!! I am partial to potato chips, but corn chips like Fritos and Doritos are good also, you know, corn is a vegetable. Plus did you know that Lay's are made in different flavors in different countries? Japan has shrimp and Wasabi. India has curry flavored Lays, the Phillipines has pineapple flavored chips, how cool is that?! So eating chips es muy internacional!! It is Glasnost at its' finest, a way for all the countries of the world to bond in a peaceful way. So, I think giving up chips is basically un-american so I won't be doing it.

I think the bottom line here is that I wasn't thinking this through properly. On the other hand, realistically some dumb boy is going to sweep the lovely Lauren off her feet and to the temple. I had better start preparing for the pictures. Lauren, this sacrifice is for you! So here is my new and improved list:

See? I can cut back, I can sacrifice. BUT, one thing you will never see on the white board...?
Diet Pepsi

Sunday, January 6, 2008

'Nuff said....

I was lurking and found this,..... 'nuff said. I believe that arrow is pointed at Brentwood?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ten Reasons I Don't Blog Often

10. My husband says "no way"...too much information that he wants to remain private
9. I am exhausted from every thing else in my life
8. Compared to all the other blogs out there, my life is boring! (Mitch and Lauren have left source of endless stories.)
7. Jeff and Scotty don't do nearly the wacky stuff that the previous two did....
6. I try to stay away from fads. (Pet rocks, leggings, sky high bangs, Beanie Babies, Live strong...)
5. Is blogging the new "My Space" for moms? See #6
4. I don't know how to make cute backgrounds and music
3. I don't know how to put pictures on (this seems like a major necessity, problem is I can't even really use the camera and downloading seems absolutely out of my league.)
2. I don't want to embarrass my children (okay, I do....but I probably shouldn't.....)
1. The competition to be clever and witty is extremely intimidating!!!