Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh Baby Love!!

He's here...the man of our dreams!

This is Carter, born on November 30th at 8:29 pm, weighing in at 6 lbs 2 oz, 19 1/2" long.
He is absolutely perfect and we are totally in love! He has dark eyes (right now) and strawberry blonde hair,

Lauren went in to be induced early that morning, her Dr. broke her water at 8:30 and she was hooked up to the Pitocin about 9:00. Everything went well, she hung in there like a trooper until about 2:00, then she wanted the epidural. She was at a '4' so she was good to go. It seemed like she was taking forever to get anywhere and we thought there was going to be a December baby. Around 6:00 the nurse checked her and she was at a '6'. The nurse told her it would be an hour or two per centimeter from that point so we settled in for a long night.

At 7:15 she was feeling a lot of pressure, so the nurse checked her and wowza!! she was dilated to 9 1/2!! Everyone got really busy then...the Dr. was called, the warmer was brought in and a baby nurse was called for! Amy, Skyler's mom and I were lost in the shuffle! I was texting Rachel and Jeffrey the whole time with details, they both wished they were there.

This is about the time I started to cry. All Lauren has ever wanted is to be a Mom and in a short time her dream was to come true. It's overwhelming to watch your baby become a mother. I just prayed and prayed that all would go well and that everyone would be healthy and safe. My prayers were answered. After pushing for less than a hour, he just popped out. It was so fast! What a miracle, one second in the womb, the next breathing and crying. I don't have the words to describe the emotions and experience. Awe inspiring.

Since every birth has a little story to remember it do we. Lauren did awesome, Skyler on the other hand was a mess. He had a terribly infected tooth and was in a ton of pain. He was so drugged on Vicodin that he was a little loopy. His left side of his face was all swollen and he could barely smile. When it came time to push they told him to count, he couldn't. 1..2...3..5...8...6, it was so funny.

Another funny thing was that Amy was totally taking birthing shots on her camera without Lauren knowing, later she was showing her and Lauren was just a little grossed out. Then Skyler told the Dr. he had brought a mason jar for the placenta. The
Dr. looked shocked and we all were hysterical laughing. (He didn't really....)

Later the nurses forgot to give Lauren pain medicine but they sure remembered to give Skyler contraband pain meds!!! It was funny, they were bringing him pillows and blankets and chicken noodle soup.

We are so happy to have him here, he is so precious and wonderful. I could look at him all day and never get bored. I think it is more fun than having your own, and you get more sleep!!!

The Evans Family

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