Monday, July 12, 2010

A sweet baby needs prayers

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that when my daughter Rachel was six months old she sustained a traumatic head injury that resulted in her being left multiply handicapped. This event changed my life and the lives of our family forever. We are so blessed to have our sweet girl despite her many challenges.

Preslee Sullinger, 19 months

My daughter Lauren told me of a tragic accident in the life of a friend of hers. I would like to share it with all I can, as this sweet baby needs your prayers and her parents need a miracle. Last Friday her friend Ashley left her baby, Preslee, with her parents. Somehow, Preslee fell into an irrigation canal, no one saw her fall. Two miles down river a farmer was in the canal and felt something bump his leg, he looked down and saw that it was a baby. He immediately pulled her from the water and started CPR. Preslee was life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital where she is fighting for her life. Ashley's aunt is keeping a constant update regarding little Preslee's progress. The blog is here.

I don't know this family, but I do know the power of prayer. As a mother and a grandmother, my heart goes out to this sweet little family. At times like this it is difficult to remember that God has a plan for all our lives and this is part of His plan for Preslee and her family. Having been in a similar life and death situation with the unknown looming before us, my heart is full of love for Preslee and her family. My thoughts are also with her Grandparents and the heartache they are feeling. I wanted to share the story with as many as possible, Preslee and her family needs our love and prayers.