Sunday, January 2, 2011

The year in review, slacker edition

The year in review, that sounds like a whole heckuva lotta reading!!

Lucky for us that due to my advancing age, I can't really remember a whole lot of details!
2010...glad it's gone, looking forward to 2011.

We had some family pictures taken, was a disaster. We didn't get a good/decent picture of the whole family, Rachel was totally on one. But there are some good pictures of everyone individually. So I'll give a little review using the pictures.


Rachel is 27. 27!?!?! How can that be? I only feel 35ish.
Rachel is the most precious of our children. We are so thankful that she is here with us despite of her many disabilities. We finally found a good care home for her. She is well taken care of and seems content. When I go to get her, she hops up squealing. People ask all the time if she knows people, I can say definitely "yes", she knows us. Rachel is going to a special day class everyday where she does little art projects, goes into the community, has an exercise class etc... she loves our kitty Scout and is totally fascinated by Carter. She's just like the rest of us, we're all fascinated by him also!!


Ah, my handsome son. Mitch is 24 and we think finally he is on his way.
He moved out with a friend to a house in a nearby town and started school this year. He thrilled and surprised us by getting a 3.5 gpa!
Mitch loves music and spends time perfecting his drum playing. His goal is to be a sound engineer; not quite sure what that is, but he assures me that it's a real career. Hopefully this is the start of good things for him. Now if we could just find the right girl for him....


Lauren is loving life! All she has ever wanted is to be a mom, and she loves every second of raising Carter. The Evans family lives in Rexburg while Skyler finishes his last two semesters at BYU-I. Then it's off to warmer climates for them! Lauren is loving learning new things like cooking, home decorating and child development. She continues to be the ***spark***in our family, life is not quiet when she's home! We all love and miss her so much and look forward to her visits. We are so proud of our beautiful daughter.


2010 was a very eventful year for Jeff. He transformed into a different person! No braces, contacts, growing about 7 inches all in one year. He was elected Jr. class President, played Varsity Volleyball, got his Driver's permit, was active in Leadership at school, interns/job shadows at a local grade school once a week, spreads Jeffy Joy all over campus, was on the selection committee for our new Principal...Jeff was busy learning some great Leadership skills. He's got an exciting year ahead of him...running for an ASB office, playing either tennis or Volleyball, getting his license, first date (I had to say that because he will get really mad at me and that cracks me up) and the beginning of his Senior year. I also can't give a synopsis of his year without mentioning the single greatest event of his year. The Giants winning the World Series...we can also look forward to watching 162 games again this year. Lucky us. His four favorite words are: Rude, Giants and Panda Express.


Scotty is 14 and the changes are freaking me out!! Scotty boy has grown about 6 inches, is taller than me.. :( He is talking to me in this strange low mannish voice and the peach fuzz on his lip is mysteriously gone, and he's only in 8th grade!! Scotty loved soccer this year and had a great season. He kicked 24 goals and made the All-Star team again. He has been on the Yearbook staff at school, is taking Geometry, and gets excellent grades. Scotty is well liked by everyone; he's a little on the shy side but he is really centered and goal oriented. He is setting his sights on a career someday in Science. Just to totally tick off the rest of my kids....Scotty is very loving and affectionate (and is a champion brown-noser). Nothing wrong with a little brown nose.


Skyler is the fun in our family. We love this son of ours and we are all so happy that Lauren had the good sense to marry him!!! Seriously, he cracks us all up constantly; he made me laugh so hard I had to pull over to the side of the road to avoid getting in an accident. He is finishing up his studies in Business at BYU-I and then who knows? He loves to fly-fish and I cemented his love for me by giving him a Bass Pro Shop gift card and actually taking him there. Skyler is a wonderful husband and Dad. He loves his little family so much and we are so thankful for him.
I scare him all the time by telling him that I want to live next door. I'm kidding, kind of.

My favorite boys!


I could talk about him all day. He is the light of our lives, we are fascinated by him and every move he makes. His hair is the prettiest copper penny red, his eyes are so blue and his little smile lights up our world. We are so thankful for him. He is a spunky, full of personality little guy. We're lucky he's ours to love.

Byron & Jeni:

Could this be a more unflattering picture? Oh well.
"How's Byron?" is the most asked question in my life.
He's hanging in there.
2010 was a tough year on him, and me by default.
In November of 2009 Byron was diagnosed with prostate cancer to go along with his lymphoma and rheumatoid arthritis. 2010 was spent seeking treatment. So far, nothing has worked out. The three "common" treatments are impossible because of other health concerns/factors. #4 treatment is rare and usually a 'last ditch' option. We are waiting to hear if he can have this treatment. In the meantime he developed a condition called rheumatoid vasculitis, a very painful condition as it means he develops large, deep wounds on his legs. Byron has gone every week since June to a wound specialist and has had his legs cleaned and wrapped in soft casts. He has also had problems with swelling and lung function. We feel that we have spent the year dodging bullets, one serious condition after another. It has been difficult and sometimes it's hard to have a sense of humor, but we're plugging along. He IS still working, going to school every day. He is exhausted at the end of each day and the weekends are spent catching up on energy for the next week. I admire his fortitude. We are thankful for the prayers we know are said on our behalf,

ME! I too am plugging along. This year has had many highs and lows. Every minute spent with Carter are the highs and watching Byron struggle is the low. Also this year, my niece Lacey passed away at 34 from cancer. She and I had a special bond from the day she was born. Spending the last few days of her life with her was precious to me but also very scary. It was a special time as some family broken fences were mended and Lacey regained her lost faith. One of the tremendous highs for me was going on a 12 day trip with my two friends Vicki and Pam and Pam's daughter Shaelie. We went to the church historical sites, which for me was a dream come true! It was a time of fun, laughter, peace and strengthened faith for me. I was so blessed to be able to go. I am still at Liberty High, although I have a new "boss" and new responsibilities this year. I also still teach Seminary, a real blessing in my life. I love being busy and I am. Life is challenging and humbling...but as my mom always said..."it sure beats the alternative!"


Rochelleht said...

Jeni, You are amazing. Truly. You inspire me in so many many ways. Despite the tremendous difficulties in your life, you always have a smile and a positive attitude. You lift so many people all over the world with your fabulous outlook on life. Thank you.

I'm so glad Rachel has a place to be happy. I look to you as an example in this arena and I see a bit of my future. Thanks for making it look so bright.

I'm sorry Byron has had such a struggle. I'm so in awe that he is still teaching. That's amazing to me. You guys are incredible.

Happy 2011!!!!!

Good Time Charlie said...

We (the Berg's, and everyone else who loves the Grosecloses) together are going to make a fabulous year. I love that you stil have such a fantastic sense of humor, despite a life time of some seriously huge challenges. I truly believe a well developed sense of humor is one of our biggest blessings to help us endure the trials of life. Love the updates. Love the pics! Have a great day. ps check your FB messages. You look mahvelous dahling!

Linsey said...

Happy New Year, Jeni. I hope 2011 will be a wonderful year of higher highs and less low lows. You deserve all good things. Congrats on Rachel's care center and Mitch's good grades and Lauren's beautiful family and two sons who are successful and generous. What an amazing woman you are!

Tristan said...

You have a beautiful family. You are often in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad you can enjoy your ups and get through your downs.

I hope you have a fantastic new year full of blessings! Love ya!

Kim Walus said...

I LOVE this post and the pictures are priceless!!! We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers and wish we could come visit. Any chance you'd be coming this way at some point? Anyway, love you all and wish you the BEST year ever. Hugs from the Walus Family

Lauralee said...

First of all- I am thrilled you updated- I have missed you.

Rachel is just sweet, I will always remember the phone conversation I had with you and am amazed at your strength!

Awesome about Mitch- good for him!

Sorry about Byron- amazing that he is still teaching- makes it look easy for me! Hope they can find something to help him!

You are amazing. I am glad you have seminary and your work to keep you busy!

Oh and Jeff is just adorable! Glad he had his first date! :)

The pictures are awesome- and thanks so much for sharing!
You are awesome Jeni!

the wrath of khandrea said...

i absolutely love you guys. all of you.

calibosmom said...

Happy New Year to your fantastic family. I'm glad 2010 is over too. Here's to 2011!!! All the best. PS Carter is adorable

Lauren in GA said...

Aw, Jeni. I loved every word! I loved reading all about your family.

You are really amazing. I truly mean that.

I am so sorry that Byron is struggling so much...with such physical pain. It has to be so hard. He is amazing that he continues to work each day through all of the pain and exhaustion.

That little Carter is so, so, so, CUTE. I can just envision all of you watching his every move and being so charmed by how darling he is.

tammy said...

beautiful post! we enjoyed spending time with lauren, skyman and carter at christmas! someday i would love to meet you and enjoy your bubbly, sunny personality in person! :-)

Diedra said...

love you girl - I love keeping up with you & your wonderful sense of humor via the blog. Keep us in mind should you ever need a place to stay when you come to Utah-

Paige said...

Completely impressive post in every way. I love hearing about your year, your people, and you! Here's to a better 2011 for both of us- couldn't get worse, eh? You are a star.

Los Hansen said...

Love the good things that are happening in your family! It is unbelieveable how quickly boys change in just 3 short years! And what a beautiful grandbaby you have. You and Byron are amazing. Love to you all! Oh, life is soooooo good...

Con amor!

Los Hansen said...

Byron is my hero. So are you. And still teaching seminary? YIKES to those kids!

Con amor,
Los Hansen (the boy half)

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